When is the next Annual General Meeting?

Please see the Announcements & Circulars section in Investor Relations of the GF Securities’website.

Does GF Securities have shareholder meetings?

GF Securities will invite all shareholders to participate in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year. If there is a particularly important matter that cannot wait until the next AGM, shareholders may be called to an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

Who are the major shareholders of GF Securities?

GF Securities does not have a controlling shareholder or actual controller. The three largest shareholders are: Liaoning Cheng Da Co., Ltd, Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan Public Utilities Group Co., Ltd..

What is the stock code of GF Securities?

The stock code of GF Securities on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is 000776. 

When was GF Securities listed? Where is GF Securities’ stock traded?

GF Securities' A shares were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in Febrary 2010. 

When was GF Securities Co. Ltd. duly incorporated?

Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, GF Securities was established in 1994 with its business focused on China.

How do I know the announcement of GF Securities’ financial statement?

Please see the Financial Reports section in Investor Relations of GF Securities’ website.

Has GF Securities established a framework for corporate governance?

Please see the Corporate Governance section to find out more about GF Securities’ corporate governance.

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